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Nov 14, 2012 7:30am EST
the consequences. what this discussion really is going to end of being, what our society and economy really need and some of that our programs like the entitlement programs but also things like dealing with bridges and roads and infrastructure and other things the federal government does. that is what we are moving the discussion to and we have a great panel, i think. . .. michael has been an editor or staff writer for "the new yorker," harper's magazine and "the new republic." he's published and appeared and spoken pretty much everywhere, and written everything. ease in terms of writing, everything from much a claimed serious and important works of history, to a prize-winning children's book. moniqumonique morrissey, who yon probably figure out which person that is, has been with the economic policy institute since 2006 where we were colleagues for a, i don't know, a year or something. she previously worked at the afl-cio's office of investment in the financial markets center, she holds a ph.d in economics from american university, and her areas of concentration in her ample research inviting i
Nov 8, 2012 6:00am EST
the most if we allow the economy to go over the cliff. and i think if nothing is done the economy will go over a cliff. who gets blamed lex they blame the republicans now. the democrats won the election. the voters are not always rational. the way they hand out blame. there's a lot of speculation going on right now at leadership levels in both houses and both parties, with the white house briefing a huge sigh of relief that the polls were all right, but now we are stuck with this for four more years. how do we deal with this? i don't think anybody knows how the lame-duck is really going to work, other than, you know, will be a continuing resolution. will be a kick the can down the road kind of resolution. the question is how many things will be added to the train as it's moving through and what shape will it be, and that's great uncertainty. >> congressman gephardt, as senator bennet just like that, this could get pretty messy even if they come up with some solution that involves duct tape and kleenex but it could get ugly before it is resolved. and doesn't that affect the leverage here f
Nov 15, 2012 6:00am EST
of this tailspin the european economy seems to be in? >> first of all, let me express my gratitude for this invitation. i'm very pleased to be here. thank you very much. and good morning, all of you. in europe, several hours seems very important, pleased to resolve. but personally i consider there's a lot of competition between policies. given the history of the euro, single currency, if that's the case, was combination of flexibility one hand, and discipline on the other and. as you combined both, the results are good difficult is that you forget that discipline, you have a problem. you eliminate flexibility. and now the moment is how it's possible to recover growth. i think that growth is a consequence not exactly of the economic cycle. not exactly of automatic decision, is question of good resilience and good policy. and good policy is difficult. bad policies, differences, good and bad economics. must recover in europe at least three key questions. discipline, fiscal discipline to second, to create a financial union, and second, to start a serious agenda over agenda for the futu
Nov 9, 2012 6:00am EST
periods of uninsured each year to say when it comes to the economy, they think that the ways to give difference more money and hope that they do well by you. if you believe that, they are not running for you. latinas, that's what the immigration was about. you want to be a part of the american dream? they won't even pass the dream act. they are not running for you. anyone have any question is too wide, with this series of arguments and that the series of consistency that tyson interweaves into a my launch that makes sense. why? will% of americans who think that caring about people like him is the most important feature in a national leader. why they would select the person who is making that argument against a person who said that the running for them. now, republicans have to admit that as much of that is a caricature of romney and as much of that is a character of republicans, caricatures only work if they make sense in light of the person being caricature. as even joseph goebbels said, propaganda itself has to have a colonel of truth at its core. so what republicans need to do is
Nov 13, 2012 6:00am EST
. zimmer. [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: very briefly on two points. on the economy and business. as a foundation for creating income and thus pay for social measures. of course, i agree, but in the conditions of austerity in the next 15 to 20 years, in those countries that are the hardest hit is not going to be possible to have sustainable business being developed. and i would like to know whether this austerity policy and the sustainability policy can be implemented, and whether we can do anything socially or about the environment. secondly, you talk at one point about the european parliament being an important partner for you and all the crisis related issues. white and has the fiscal pack gotten to the point that it has? when it's already clear that has two points that are conflicting with e.u. law in material and in formal terms, and that hasn't been regulated the european level. and implementation of the pact by the commission, well, how can we go along with that if the parliament is going to be excluded from that? you will have to deal with that on the first o
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5